Intersection With Rose Zacharias Meeder

Join Rose Zacharias Meeder for honest and informative conversations about life, faith and what it all means.  Each episode, Rose sits down with everyday people to discuss their story and where God may or may not fit into the picture.  As a medical doctor, but also as a busy mom, wife, friend,  Christian and runner she discusses topics such as depression, suicide, addictions, trans-gender issues, cancer, divorce, infertility, near-death experiences, parenting, marriage and love.
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Oct 30, 2016

This episode is a bonus podcast episode with country music star Dani Strong. In episode 10 I talked to Dani about her personal journey of faith - how she came to be a Christian. Dani just released her first album two weeks ago, debuting at #1 on iTunes. In this episode I talk with her about what it has been like being a Christian in the music industry. How does a career in music and entertainment intersect with faith? I wanted to know! Listen in on another exciting conversation with Dani Strong.

Oct 22, 2016

What an opportunity to hear the real-life faith story of Dani Strong. I love how Dani shares her story with such enthusiasm: how she grew up knowing about God and then experiencing Him for real as a young woman. And now she is an amazing country music artist who's just released her first album: Time To Breathe. It was great to chat with Dani about her faith and to hear her share one of her awesome songs, unplugged, in my living room. Listen to the end!

Oct 8, 2016

Episode 9 of Intersection with Rose Zacharias Meeder introduces Toni Nieuwhof who describes coming to faith and a personal struggle with depression, anxiety, insomnia and marital struggle. She describes being angry at God and then reclaiming His love for her. This episode should provide hope and encouragement for anyone who finds that in the busyness of life, depression can quickly gain a foothold, and relationships can fall apart. It's in times like these that we need to rely on all of our resources - friends, friendship, counselling, medication, and of course God and his redemptive power - to help see us through to the other side.